We’ve seen SDRs spend a lot of time chasing prospects that will never buy. You can quickly determine with whom you should be speaking and whether or not your business is a good match for a prospect through mapping and “Are we a fit?” calls.. These two call strategies will enable you to successfully generate qualified, prospective clients for your business.

Mapping Calls

Otherwise known as discovery calls, mapping calls are exploratory in nature. They’re great for both building and creating contact lists, as well as training new sales reps, both of which are vital to your sales processes. A mapping call is also the perfect time to practice phone conversation skills and to refine elevator pitches. Because this type of call forces you to explain your product or business in the most concise and simple way, there’s no room for jargon in successful mapping calls—they’re truly short and sweet.

The main goal of a mapping call is to essentially ‘map out’ a company and get an internal referral. However, when you go into the mapping call, have the expectation of setting up a meeting; for which a referral is the sole purpose. Keep in mind you are not selling anything, but rather investigating, researching people, and trying to find a potential fit. Operating without an agenda or applying pressure will allow you to build trust and rapport with a prospect. Though it may at first feel counterintuitive, this strategy ends up landing you more meetings than you might expect.

One tactic on a mapping call:act like you’re lost and looking for help—call high into a company’s main phone line and ask for the president or executive team members. Tell them why you are calling and ask permission to chat. If you start with “Are we a fit?” questions, your chances of getting the desired contact information are higher.

In the event that nothing comes of the call, don’t give up. Try again another day. Reach out to another person or anyone else you have gained information about and continue to follow up.

Detailed guides and training on both mapping calls and the next bit (AWAF Calls) calls are taught through Predictable University.

Are We A Fit (AWAF) Calls

“Are we a fit?” calls are qualification calls used for disqualifying prospects early on in the process and thereby saving both parties valuable time. They are also helpful for building trust with prospects and educating them on the value of your products or services.

The main goal of AWAF calls is to determine quickly, at a high level, whether a new prospect is a fit of not. One tip: when on these calls, listen more than you speak. This will help you build trust and establish a positive relationship. Similar to mapping calls, you are also not selling anything—you are questioning and guiding the conversation to the next step in the sales process (granted there is a fit).

As far as timing, these calls can be as quick as five minutes but should not exceed 30 minutes. In terms of what you’re looking for, make sure you spend time talking to someone with authority. If they aren’t the right person, make sure you get to the right person that has power to make a decision. There also should be a need or pain point that you’re trying to solve. Once you have a prospect that’s the right fit, proceed with either of the following: Move the prospect on to a demo, or hand-off said prospect to another person (like an account executive).

Both mapping and AWAF calls are effective tools to successfully finding qualified leads for your business. With enough practice and perseverance, you’ll be able to turn your prospects into your customers quickly and confidently or find out that you’re not a good match and move on—it’s a win-win.